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Some have never heard of the "Catholic churches" which are independent of the Bishop of Rome (the Pope). However, not only are there 4 other "Popes," known as Patriarchs, but in fact many of the early Apostles started legitimate and valid Catholic Churches adhering to the teachings of Jesus, including: St. Thomas in India, St. Philip in China, St. Lazarus and the 2 Marys in Cypress, St. Joseph of Aramathea in the British Isles and Ireland, and St. Mary Magdalen in Gaul.

These never disappeared, some submitted to Papal / Orthodox juridical authority, some remained monastic, and others simply continued to live out the authentic message of Jesus Christ as he preached it

The American Catholic Church in Nevada proclaims the unconditional love and compassion of God, which embraces every human person regardless of their state or condition in life. We acknowledge the primacy of the Gospel of Jesus the Christ, and the power of the Holy Spirit to speak in our day through the "sensus fidelium" ("sense of the faithful") of the Catholic Church, leading to a world of justice and peace.

The American Catholic Church in Nevada is Inclusive, Compassionate and Proactive.

The American Catholic Church in Nevada seeks to reach out to those who may have felt alienated by their prior church experiences. We believe that who a person is, and how a person has chosen to live, does not automatically separate them from the love and compassion of God; thus, the American Catholic Church in Nevada rejects artificial barriers to the reception of the Sacraments based on marital status, sexuality or lifestyle. In particular, we place no artificial barriers in the way of the reception of the Sacrament of Baptism, when a parent sincerely desires that their child be received into the Mystical Body of Christ.

The difficult decisions in one's life are always harder to make alone: at such times, the compassionate support of a community of faith can be crucial. Yet such support can be difficult to find in the face of "legalistic" moral pronouncements regarding such issues as divorce and re-marriage, birth control, sexual orientation, and complex medical issues.

Morality ought to be our response to the life of the spirit within each human person, and a loving way of life for the whole community. The American Catholic Church in Nevada believes that an informed conscience, molded on Gospel values of truth, justice, compassion and love, should be the ultimate motivating force in a person's life. We teach these values with the individual person in mind and with respect for individual human freedom and dignity. We trust that, if people are living in the spirit of truth, they will be able to decide what is just and right conduct, both in their own lives and within society.

Believing that the Holy Spirit continues to guide the Church through the "Sense of the Faithful," the American Catholic Church in Nevada sees itself as a process as well as an institution. We hope to listen to, rather than speak for, the people of God; as prompted by the Spirit, hey seek ways to remake the church into a credible community of faith for the modern world.

The American Catholic Church in Nevada is particularly sensitive to the voices of those who, having felt been called to Catholic ministry, have found their way blocked by sexism and blanket requirements of celibacy: We are therefore committed to the admission of woman, married and gay / lesbian persons to all ranks of the clergy.

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