Whether you are just an avid hunter, a beginner or you are just a person who enjoys using a rifle to shoot during sports, you required to buy a quality scope to enjoy the whole experience. You do understand the basic things that you are supposed to consider when purchasing a new rifle scope to spice up your hunting or whatever your activity is.

You must also understand that a rifle scope is used to zoom in your target so that you can fire accurate shots. Although you may understand all the factors to consider when buying a scope, it can be quite overwhelming to choose one from the numerous options which are already in the market. For that reason, below are some of the top rated scopes that can be found at least in every market and how to find the best long range hunting rifle scope. This can as well act as your rifle scope buying guide.

Leupold Scopes


One of the most renowned scopes in the market is the Leupold scope. Its price signifies it as the top rifle scope in the hunting field. There are a number of designs and variations that this brand offers. You can compare from one series to another. Depending on your budget you can be able to choose the one that suits your needs. You can as well check the features and compare them. Some series have an exclusive Fire-Dot reticule, and others possess an automatic reticle deviation feature with help to conserve the battery life. Others have varied ranges of intensity which can work in any condition. Therefore it is upon you to choose the best according to your preferences.

Simmons scopes

The next scope is the Simmons scope. Mostly used in the United States of America for quite some time now. It has features like the patented TrueZero adjustment knob system. It also contains the quick target acquisition eyepiece feature. In addition, scopes offer a huge performance compared to most of the rifle scopes in the market. The TrueZero adjustment system has been designed alongside a flex erector that is permanently attached to its scope body thus providing an outstanding stability.

Nikon scopes

The whole world understands Nikon products. Actually, Nikon scopes are amongst the most popular scopes in the market. They also tend to be a bit expensive compared to most brands. They possess all features and also include the anti-reflective and multi-coating feature. Most of the Nikon scopes come with a lifetime full warranty. Therefore, you can now make your decision now.

Bushnell scopes

Another popular rifle scope is called the Bushnell scope. This brand is highly powered and variable which makes it ideal for most long-range shooting. It is great for professional adults who sport in barrel-break airguns. They can be used to hunt bear both during the day and at night because it has multi-coated lenses.

Barska scopes

shshshsshshsshLast but not least, we have the Barska scopes which are very popular because of a number of reasons. This company rifles fly-high because of its precision supplying long-range and accurate targeting. It has an outstanding feature at the objective lenses which help to enhance light transmission. Among other features most of the Barska scopes are waterproof.