Grinding and sanding is an intuitive and imperative process that is usually used to smooth all kinds of surfaces to give them a smooth and fine finish. To the builder, grinding tools are very important and necessary to provide the best services. These tools come in all shapes and sizes, each designed for specific duties. One of the most important ones is the grinding giraffe, which is used for grinding surfaces that are high as the name suggests.

With different brands in the market, it is important for builders to own one of these. Before we delve into the latter, let us look at what a grinding giraffe is useful for.

Uses of a grinding giraffe

Some of the basic uses of a grinding giraffe include smoothing ceilings, smooth joints, and smoothen nail heads on a surface for a smooth finish.

Buying the perfect grinding giraffe

Here are some factors to watch out for when buying a grinding giraffe.


The maximum height that the grinder can reach is very important to note when purchasing one. Going for one with an adjustable height will make it very easy to work on the surface, especially if it is high like a ceiling. The possibility of adjusting the height will make it easier to coordinate your standing position and the surface that is being ground for a smooth finish. However, they all come in given standard heights, so make sure to make an informed choice when you decide to invest in one.

Power consumption

Most of the aforementioned grinders are electrical, which is advantageous in that their size is drastically reduced, while efficiency improved. Depending on the motor that rotates the grinder, the power consumption is going to differ. Make sure that you pay attention the amount of energy it consumes.

Power code

To reach high places, and still be able to use the available power outlet, it is important to make sure that the grinder has a long power code. However, it is important to invest in a third party power extension for more convenience.

Grinding wheel size

The grinding wheel size should be large enough to take on the grinder plate that you will have to use. Do some research on grinding plates, and find out the size that your work requires before you make the purchase.