car-painting booth

Choosing the right paint booth can be very tricky sometimes. The paint booth is a broad term that encompasses both high-production booths and the basic space. These booths have many features and additional systems incorporated in them. The type of the booth chosen is mainly dependent on the user’s needs and preferences. Some will prefer a basic set up that can grow with their business while others are interested in high-production paint booths. Factors considered when choosing a wooden paint booth include size, budget, and booth location.

Nature of the business

painted furniture

Individuals having start-up business should go for the basic structures. If you have such a business, you should choose the right structure for your current business and what you will need in future. Considering the pros and  cons of the different structures will help you in making an informed decision. Described here below are the main types of woodworking paint booths.

Side draft

In this structure, air is introduced through its ceiling and the exhausted through its side walls. The vast majority and ceiling of this structure are filtered. It is helpful in creating an even flow of air around the object. The paint contaminants and overspray should be drawn away and down. It does not need any concrete pits. This has helped in bringing down the construction costs. It is expensive than the other structures but it is superior to them.

Cross-draft paint booth

With this structure, air can be sent directly to your vehicle or any other object that you are painting. It is one of the most popular booths. The incoming air introduced through the main doors and it is then exhausted through its back walls. It is economical because it is made using little and simple construction materials. Again it does not require any concrete work for it to function properly.

Semi-downdraft paint booths

This is almost similar to the cross section one because air is exhausted through the rear part of the workspace. The only difference is that air is drawn into this booth through the small section of its ceiling. This hole is located at the front of this structure. The created draft pattern is directed to the filtered area of the kitchen towards the exhaust area. The incoming air flows down wad diagonally. It has a simple design that is vet economical. No concrete work is required when making it.